The words of Joseph P Farrell, and a film by Mark Turner. A copyright problem has messed with a few segments at the end of the video, however this stands as my strongest video to date. I spent two solid weeks making this video. 

These are of a more serious tone that my other videos . . . 

I cut together about 9 months of video into 6 minutes of a disaster movie about the earthquakes and volcanos from this year of 2010. This was before the Japan quake and Tsunami of early 2011. 
This title is meant as literal truth, the earth moved off its axis in 2010, just listen to the commentary. 

The genera of conspiracy fascinates me and the older, the better. This is a mash-up of 3 shows. I'm most proud of the creative opening editing, though it goes by quickly, I had to cut up both the voice track and the video track to give it punch.  I'm proud of the ending too.  It's chilling.