The Ancient Cosmic War

The words of Joseph P Farrell, and a film by Mark Turner. A copyright problem has messed with a few segments at the end of the video, however this stands as my strongest video to date!!!

Facebooks Mark Zuckerberg is an Alien!

You know it's true!

The Watchers - A Mini Movie

This was my first video edit 'dark subject' film cut together nearly 10 years ago on Windows XP Movie Maker. At the time I had no way to import video or download YouTube clips, so I frame grabbed every frame of a film I wanted ran them together like a animation. The effect is a kind of slow-motion and you'll see them in the last minute or so of the video. There are a lot of religious people out there that jump on the whole Watchers, theme. My video is far removed from this, as my idea was more along the lines of an H.P. Lovecraft all seeing evil beyond the veil of space and time, who's hands are ready to take back the world stolen from them. The Old Ones return.

Wrath of the Demon - Trailer for my old movie

Back around 1990, my friend Dave and I rented a camera for about 27 dollars, a lot of money back in 1990, and drove to the cemetery as the sun was setting. We shot some video and I went home and wrote about 10 pages of script. The next morning at about 5 AM, we began shooting our James Whale masterpiece. We were kicked out of the cemetery and had to resume shooting at a nearby school yard. The video camera was returned the next day, on-time with no late fee.  Now, I present to you, the trailer for . . . Wrath of the Demon!

David Akers and Mark Turner